When it comes to treating woodworm and restoring and treating wood, our specialists provide a fast and efficient service in homes across West London, across Middlesex and out to Berkshire, Surrey and Bucks.

With many years experience treating woodworm problems, we are knowledgeable, efficient and cost effective when it comes to helping home owners get rid of dry rot problems and restore their homes.

Applicable works is carried out with a 20 years guarantee. 

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm infestation in the home is usually controlled quickly and efficiently with chemical insecticides.

We also investigate and eradicate and possible damp issues that may be in your home as dry wood is not usually affected by woodworm. Also, wood that remains damp may become re-infected with woodworm at a later date.

Our experts will identify the extent of the damage and then treat the entire area so the woodworm are exterminated and won’t return.


Preserving Wood

If you have timber in your home that needs protecting or preserving, we can help. We understand how to eliminate potential problems caused by damp that may affect you in months or years to come and as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”.

Protecting wood in the home is very popular in older buildings that sometimes suffer from and can include protecting your home from damp, and other preventative steps.

Get in touch

If you home or business premises has been affected by woodworm or you suspect you have an infestation then get in touch. We will send our timber repair specialists along to assess the situation and provide our expert opinion.

We have help to remove woodworm from many building across Middlesex, Surrey, Greater London and Berkshire.

Get in touch to discuss how our team of woodworm repair experts. Our sales team are helpful, knowledgeable and never pushy.

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