Our specialists provide treatments for dry rot in homes across West London, across Middlesex and out to Berkshire, Surrey and Bucks.

With many years experience of treating dry rot problems, we are knowledgeable, efficient and cost effective when it comes to helping home owners get rid of dry rot problems and restoring their homes for comfortable living.

Applicable works is carried out with a 20 years guarantee. 

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a caused by fungi that deteriorates wood and timber in your home without an external apparent source of moisture to grow. Some outbreaks of dry rot can become a serious infestation that requires specialist dry rot treatments to eradicate and correct.

If left, dry rot may well cause instability in the structure of your home, attacking floorboards, skirting, joists and other timber elements in your home.

In some homes, dry rot can also travel through and along the wall surface behind plaster and rendering allowing it to spread further.

Dry Rot Services Middlesex
Dry Rot Services Middlesex
Middlesex Dry Rot Company

What is Wet Rot?

Wet Rot is caused by excessive moisture around the timber in your premises. It can be down to a leaky roof, a burst pipe, a poorly fitted washing machine or dishwasher or even a leaking shower tray or bath. As soon as the wet rot spores arrive, fungus will soon appear and begin to eat away at your timber.

A constant drip that is ignored or not even seen can cause havoc with your home.


Dry Rot & Wet Rot Repair Costs

Before we can provide a detailed quote we would need to assess the damage that has been caused. Many companies only repair what they can see. Our approach is different.

Our rot repair experts identify and assess the damage in full by stripping back the area on your floor or wall so we can see at least 1 metre around the rotting area. This is often called ‘Track & Trace’ by home insurance companies. This enables us to show you where the damage is and then to remove it before replacing with new boards. If you do not fix the affected area the rot will spread and continue to damage your premises.

It is always best to fix the issue professionally to prevent further cost to you in the future.

Our Dry Rot & Wet Rot repair services start from just £225 + VAT. This begins with the exposure procedure so you can see the damage. You can then decide if you are happy to proceed or would like a second opinion.

Get in touch to discuss how our team of rot experts can remove and repair your dry or wet rot. Our sales team are helpful, knowledgeable and never pushy.

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