Although there have been vast improvements in central heating, glazing and home insulation, some properties still suffer from damp. Our experience as a damp proofing company gives us the understanding to sort your damp problem out quickly and efficiently.

We work from West London, across Middlesex and out to Berkshire, Surrey and Bucks helping home owners with damp proofing issues and offer competitive prices.

How Much Does Damp Proofing Cost?

Damp proofing costs depend on the actual problem. We will come to your home to ascertain the cause of the damp, and specify a damp proofing treatment that will get to the root of the problem. Sometimes the issue is simple and sometimes the cause is more complex.

We never offer a solution that does not sort the cause out so you can be rest assured that our damp proofing costs are realistic to the problem while remaining competitive.

How Do You Know If You Need Damp Proofing?

When it comes to establishing the problems you are having with damp in your property, there are three main types:


Rising Damp Treatment Middlesex

If the lower parts of your internal walls are suffering, with damp skirting boards and crumbling lower walls you may be suffering with rising damp in your home.

Rising damp is caused with ground water rising up through your walls. Usually, most homes have a damp-proof course, which prevents the damp from rising above a certain point.

If this is the case we can help with damp proofing against the rising damp, allowing your walls to remain dry and remedial action taken to prevent further rising damp.


Penetrating Damp Proofing

If your home is suffering from damp patches on the walls, ceilings or on the floors, you may have issues with penetrating damp. This may happen due to faulty roofing or gutters, and is often a problem with older homes with solid walls.

Penetrating damp causes dark patches of damp on your walls and ceilings, which can be treated with damp proofing membranes to eliminate the problem, allowing your walls to dry and with some plastering and decoration will bring your walls and ceilings back to life.


Condensation in Home Middlesex

Condensation is the most common kind of damp problem that appears in homes. Condensation is caused by moist air meeting a cooler external wall and creating condensation which penetrates the walls.

Tell-tale signs of condensation in your home are water droplets forming on your windows, walls and ceilings and you will start to see mould appearing in areas.

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